Friday, 10 February 2012

wondering why i don't own a celine bag...

I would just like to admire Céline bags and wonder why i don't own one. The detailed stitching, attaching each smooth leather piece together. The perfect mixture of black, brown and beige, perfectly finishing off an outfit, yet unfortunately not mine. I have for many years, wondered why there isn't a designer bag in my wardrobe, recently my obsession has switched from the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection to this Particular bag. Personally, i think this bag, will forever be an iconic item in fashion such as the Hermes Birkin Bag - which is also a must have, but that is on a complete different scale of wishes (and prices sadly), and in twenty years it will still be in fashion, because can it not be?

If only I owned this, life would be a better place.

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