Wednesday, 8 February 2012

london tends to be as cold as possible whenever we go...

So, a few weekends ago, we travelled down to London along with our best friends. We were prepared, with a list of the places we wanted to go to in one hand and the tube map in the other hand we made our way through the train station and managed to get onto the train on time. The weather was indecisive as always, so we spent most of the day shivering in our thin tights and regretting not wearing two pairs!
Despite the weather, we managed to have an amazing day - filled with completely random experiences (getting one of those bike/rickshaw rides to covent garden because we were too lazy to walk).
Here are some pictures that pretty much narrow down our day:

everytime we go to london, forever 21 is at the top of our to do list!

the display in forever 21, oxford street that we pretty much fell in love with.

ben's cookies are a gift sent from heaven aksjdkjsdkjd.

our next stop was selfridges - monki, american apparel, h&m and topshop altogether is a wise decision.

this is kimiya's forever 21 necklace that was kindly bought by her best  friends for christmas, 
thank you guys :)

sitting down outside buckingham palace, why not?

from left to right: mia, kimiya, amy, vicky
we like to hang around outside buckingham palace as you can tell.

a beautiful necklace stand in harrods... going on the wishlist.

after visiting a photo exhibition with lot's of enthusiasm - thanks mia's mumfor the suggestion (scarred for life after the photo's we saw there), we decided we were too lazy to walk from trafalgar square to covent garden, so we accepted the offer from a man on a very large bike.

the primrose bakery in covent garden is so adorable, unfortunately by the time we arrived there it was late and we had all run out of money - tiny cupcakes was the best we could manage!

on the train back home, we tend to disturb the people that sit nearby - sorry.

Well, that pretty much summarizes our lovely day! 
As per usual, after getting back home and scanning through the pictures, we realized that we weren't really happy with our outfit choices again. 
So now we're just waiting on the next day trip to London or Brighton where we can redeem ourselves!

bye for now! x

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