Sunday, 26 February 2012

and for once, the sun is shining in england!

hello there! today, it was sunday and we all know that sundays mean lazy days spent doing mainly nothing. however, for a change this sunday we had a day filled with things to do. we spent the morning sat in our cafe (it's not actually our cafe, but nobody else knows about it, so it is ours for now!) vicky had tea and a cupcake, as seen below and i had a hot chocolate - as per usual. we were accompanied by our friend amy, who likes to use the word potato regularly, not that that is important. we spent a while slouched in our area of the cafe where we talked and generally disturbed the rest of the cafe. we then popped down to boots where i got my third roll of film developed, which was exciting for me because i love finally being able to see what i've been cautiously snapping. After that we decided to head down to a beautiful, yet mildly underrated area of our small town to take some pictures for mine and amy's photography homework. we took quite a lot and once again we made too much noise and ran across grass labeled with 'keep off the grass' - quite rebellious, i must admit haha! Below are some of our pictures. after that we decided to walk back to amy's house to watch 'abduction' a film with taylor lautner (oh my) and lily collins (why must she be so beautiful?). on our way back we stopped at the huge park in our town and had a bit of a picnic for lunch, which was lovely considering the sun rarely shines in england, so we have to grab any opportunity that we can to go outside. 
that was pretty much a summary of our day, here are some pictures:

artistic, upside down?
vicky and amy

the kind of thing only we would do!

vicky's beautiful bag

we found this on the floor and found it fascinating

absolutely normal

Kimiya's Outfit: cardigan, French Connection - blouse, H&M - blue stone necklace - Accessorize - jeans - H&M - brown flats, New Look - bag, H&M

Vicky's Outfit: cardigan, Zara - top/blouse - Zara, Jeans- Sandro, Chelsea Boots -Australian Vintage shop 
Bag- Biscotte.


  1. Nice photographs...that cupcake looks amazing!

  2. Cool blog! So glad you like the new lookbook! We make shipping internationally as easy as possible, see our policies here: XO

  3. lovely images! that cake! :O

  4. Oh, these are lovely! I didn't mind checking your blog, haha ^^ don't be so insecure about yourself!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment and following my blog! I really appreciate it and hope you'll enjoy ;]
    See you soon again!


  5. you are beautiful!