Thursday, 29 March 2012

...waited so long for summer

this past week, i have been clearing out my jumpers and woolly tights, making space for summer shorts and light blouses, thanking the sun for making an appearance. with temperatures in the 20s, my friends and i all knew that this weather could not be wasted, as a rare occasion it was, considering we live in England. so the day started with some-what a tiring start at the gym, making sure that the chocolate we would consume afterwards would be guilt-free. what i personally admire at the gym is the TV's attached to the equipment, i mean, the gym was invented too make our generation less lazy and healthier, and somehow they have mixed what made us so inactive blended with this century's exercise. after this some what healthy start, we made our way to the park to eat our way back to the gym, with bagels, waffles, chocolate and the occasional apple, it certainly lifted our moods. next we wondered around aimlessly, trying hard to take urban pictures, climbing a thousand flight of stairs to reach the top of a car park where we have the nicest view on our town, possible. things got thrilling when we decided to take a daring picture by the edge of the wall, with the whole of about 10 meters (i'm guessing, i actually have no idea but it definitely felt that high) underneath of us, trying so hard not to fall we certainly did something different and surprising amusing. once we bought our milkshakes, we had the brilliant idea to walk alongside the river, feeding the ducks and trying ever so hard to skim pebbles, miserably. 
overall, the day definitely involved burning calories but also laughter and some moments of fear.
 kimiya eating her ice cream

kimiya and vicky 

kimiya - cardigan, forever 21 - blouse, H&M - skirt, zara - brogues, monsoon

vicky - jumpsuit, jack wills - jacket, H&M - shoes,pink converses 

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

may the odds be ever in your favor....

of course, being the teenage girls that we are, we have been ridiculously obsessed with the hunger games, but if you've read them, you would feel the same way. the way the books are written are so annoyingly brilliant that you feel like you're wasting time when you're not reading them. so a few weeks ago we pre-booked our tickets and literally counted down the days until friday march 23rd when we'd finally be able to see our imagination come to life on the big screen.
we got to the cinema in style... well, we got to the cinema with a bag of doritos, cookies and milkshakes which completely defeated the purpose of the gym session that we had done just before, and we braced ourselves for the excitement of the film.
it was the first showing in our cinema so the cinema was jam packed with all of the eccentric hunger games fans, so the normal silence of a cinema was not carried out and the three finger salute was shown by every member, which was undeniably odd seeing as it was a cinema screen but also quite breath taking. of course the film was absolutely incredible in every single way, although at first we were not convinced with some of the choices on actors and locations, however our opinions were soon transformed and we fell in love with all of the choices that were made.
the film was very true to the book apart from a few exceptions but of course, we did not mind, the outstanding amount of detail that they managed to cram into the film made it even better and oh, did i forget to mention the cast full of extremely attractive people? must've slipped my mind...
I don't want to say too much because I don't want to ruin the film for anyone, so i'm just going to recommend that you definitely go and see it and if you haven't read the books, GET READING!
If you can't get down to a cinema right now, here are some pictures from the premiere and some of the cast that i just couldn't resist adding into the mix, i'm sure you won't mind...
happy hunger games!

i'm sorry, i just couldn't resist!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

rainy london...

so, last saturday my mum and I (kimiya) decided it was about time we went shopping in order to spend all of our money on things that we will most likely regret buying later. we had an amazing time in london whilst it rained on us relentlessly, nevertheless the day went on! there are four things that I love the most about shopping:
1. the time spent getting ready in the morning tactfully putting on vests and tights just incase the moment when you find something you've been looking for.
2.  the exhaustion afterwards knowing that although your feet are in pain you have actually burnt a lot of calories whilst also enjoying yourself.
3. getting home and putting on a mini fashion show and then not having the heart to get changed out of your new things afterwards.
I felt like I was in heaven as I stepped into each shop and immediately found myself indulged in a sea of pastel coloured blouses and dresses - thank god spring is finally here!
this trip was a successful one for me, so I thought I'd make a quick post of some pictures I took. I decided to make a bit of a wild decision and actually bought something completely unexpected and out of my comfort zone, but I love it - it will most likely be featured sooner or later in our blog! - look out for it :) kimiya x

my camera amuses me...

 would anyone like to buy this for me?

little eggs all around london!

hunger games posters everywhere!

p.s. we saw the hunger games yesterday! i'm still excited about it, it was incredible! post coming soon!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

the neccessities in the bag...

during a long car ride, i was looking through my bag, for a source of entertainment, to find receipts from Christmas presents and last years Bikini. so i thought i would clear out my bag and decide what is necessary, and what weighs me down. quickly finding out that there were so many pointless things in my bag, empty gum packets and pen lids without pens. amused by my own handbag, i got a bit carried away throwing things away, unaware of gift receipts and the clothes they could of bought me.  
what is in my bag:
As i went shopping today, i updated my company issue for the teen vogue ( espically because the teen vogue was a Hunger Games Special and i have a slight interest in the Kardashian-Jenner family).
There is also my favourite perfume currently - Balenciaga.
14,000 things to be happy about, it always make me smile and when i first got it i couldn't put it down.
A gameboy
Nail polish - L'oreal, it is the new pink.
A random button. 
 reading glasses, that i thankfully found in my bag.
sunglasses, even though i live in england - RayBan.
A Picture of me and my best friends at Abercrombie, it makes me happy.
My purse from Texas.
Brick phone.
YSL make up, in case a spot decides to make an appearance with my JW brush.
Purple ipod and oversized headphones.
A list, one that i made with my bestfriend to complete in 2012 and another one i made with a friend of things i should complete in a lifetime.
Camera case
Clutch that goes in my bag, that usually holds my camera, so i can easily get it.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

never too old for a milkshake or two...

 With it being our friend’s birthday, we all went to an-all-American restaurant, Gourmet Burger. Apart from the fact that the chips didn't come with the burger, we had a lovely night. generally being an annoyance to the rest of the restaurant, forever wanting more Oreo milkshakes and erupting in laughter every so often. everyone got dressed up, the little black dress made its appearance along with skirts and heels, it was all very exacting, spending 5 days out of 7 in the same school uniform, it was nice to see everyone’s different styles. once we all remembered who ordered which burger, we piled on the sauces and shared out the over-priced chips. the restaurant, literally took us back into time, with little pots of metal containing the salt and pepper, surrounded by brick walls and wooden tables, personally loving the vintage feel. then the candles got blown out and the laughter softened, we made our way up the great British high street.

we were rather excited by the salted peanuts
kimiya's outfit.

vicky's outfit
the amazing burger and fries.
vicky's first milkshake.

Vicky's outfit- blouse & jeans - sandro, necklace - anthropologie, shoes - andre.

Kimiya's outfit - blouse, H&M - denim jacket, Pull & Bear - polka dot skirt, Forever 21 - shoes, Monsoon - Necklace, Forever 21.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

i seem to find joy in immaculately organized places...

hello, it's kimiya! it's true that you can tell a lot about a person from their room or their home, it shows us a glimpse inside the environment that they surround themselves in day by day. i will be the first to admit that yes, i do have a tiny bit of OCD and yes, my bedroom definitely reflects my personality, but that's just the way that i want it to be, i like to think that if someone walked into my bedroom they could see from the second that they walked in that i like to keep things clean, i most definitely like to keep lists, i like to get creative (although, admittedly i'm not very good at it!) and make collages and from my collection of snippets of new york plastered around, that i like new york...
i cannot wait until i am old enough to have my own home, because i can already imagine it. i often spend endless hours scrolling through interior design websites and drooling over the places that some people call their home. i often see indoor brick walls, stacked bookshelves, crisp white bed sheets, dangling lights, wooden floors, cream walls, fairy lights strung elegantly, balconies, world maps and clusters of photo frames. so, i thought i'd post a few of the pictures that inspire me the most.
i know, it's not everyones cup of tea, so i apologize if this post does not interest you in anyway!

i hope these inspire you in some way or the other!
and i also hope you have a lovely day/evening!

disclaimer - i do not own any of the images above, all credits to the owners!