Saturday, 26 May 2012


recently, one of our friends celebrated her day of birth by inviting her into her home and and entertaining us in quite a Mexican themed evening. walking into this huge farm house, is amazing, because of the high ceilings and the unexpected twist and turns that loop into another room, but most of all, on every flat surface was another sort of sweet or chocolate that could be indulge whenever, without restriction. so firstly, once recovered by the large variety choice of sweets, i quickly placed all the Haribo rings on my fingers, before have the time to take a  ice-cream shaped cake i found myself outside, admiring a multi-coloured-paper-mache- horse-piñata, hanging off the quite over-large tree. being a some what inpatient person, and having never hit a piñata before, i went first, before anyone could object. and it was surprisingly hard and it did take everyone all together at the end for it to fall, and for everyone to gather their own personal stock of sweets, personally, i went for the white-chocolate buttons, but their was also party poppers, which brought me back 5 years. once the piñata got replaced by a tire swing, this lead to whole new exciting venture where laughing and screaming were both present as everyone tried their hardest to fit in, and to not fall out. once we finished swinging of that tree, we moved over to another tree which was made, born, grown for climbing. i never found out if they had carved it so perfectly or not, but this tree was made to be climb, and being that it was my first encounter with this tree i didn't go that high, but i had never seen people climb a tree so quickly and get so far up, it was quite an amazing thing to view, and i was tempted to carve myself a climbing arena in one of my trees, but then i remembered that i had no ability or skill when it came to gardens or nature in any way, shape or form. once the discovery of this amazing tree had been experienced, and everyone stopped pretending to be squirrels, we made our way to the inside of the white farm house, and i will take this opportunity to sincerely apologise to anyone i may of harmed or visually scared with my original dancing skills. but once others had recovered, we realised our Mexican experiences had finished and tacos and nachos were still to come. now personally, ii have never had tacos and i don't think i will have them again, simply because i do not deal well with spicy food, and my mouth was slightly on fire. after about 10 glasses of fruit punch, the dancing skills returned and the evening was finished with laughter and pictures people try to forget.
Quite the Piñata 
home-made rainbow cakes in a jar
a bit of nostalgia with the party poppers
ohh, those ice-cream shaped cakes.

we try to look our best on a daily basis, but in the end we simply laugh at the attempt and give-up

Sunday, 13 May 2012

busy bee

so lately things have been kind of hectic (for once!) last weekend i had my bronze duke of edingburgh practise expedition which was surprisingly a lot of fun considering the large amounts of excercise that i did - which is normally such a chore. luckily for me, the following monday was a bank holiday and of course i had to reward myself for getting home in one piece with copious amounts of tea, skittles and magic stars. on the monday my mum and i went into town because i'd been anxiously waiting for a moment to arrive so that i could develop my latest roll of film (pictures that i had taken in paris during the easter) - it turned out that i had taken more pictures of pigeons than i recalled taking. nevertheless, my mum and I decided to visit a good friend of mine, H&M as we waited for the pictures to develop. At first i walked in and i was quite unpleased by the collection, but i made my way upstairs and found a selection of block coloured bright tops, boho lace and my personal favourite, peter pan collars. much to my delight i did not have to go home empty handed! i ended up buying two new tops that i'm so excited about wearing when the sun finally makes an appearance that i thought that i should share them on here!

So here they are! (excuse the bad quality photo's, i am in no position to name myself a photographer and seeing as i'm too embarrassed to ask a member of my family to take them for me (unfortunately my cat is not a very good photographer), i settled with taking them myself)

coral pink top

baby blue top with peter pan collar adorned with pearls

again, i apologize for the terrible pictures! x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

a bit of sour in the sweet

so let me start by saying that i am not a cooking person. in any way, shape or form. my unlimited number of cooking disasters are enough to write a book, but instead i decided to write a post. but, recently i have discovered quite a miracle, perfectly  illustrated and written for my-non-cooking-self to understand, The Hummingbird Bakery. my usual consecutive trend was broken when i made the soft squared brownie, proud of my rare accomplishment, i then tried the blondies - white chocolate brownies, a personal favourite. once all the chocolate had been melted, stirred and cooked, i searched the book for something different, and i came upon this lovely lemon bars recipe, being quite fond of sourness, i decided it was time for a change, and a less-chocolate one. 

the wonderful book i recommend to all

lovely little lemon bars, perfect with tea.