Sunday, 26 February 2012

and for once, the sun is shining in england!

hello there! today, it was sunday and we all know that sundays mean lazy days spent doing mainly nothing. however, for a change this sunday we had a day filled with things to do. we spent the morning sat in our cafe (it's not actually our cafe, but nobody else knows about it, so it is ours for now!) vicky had tea and a cupcake, as seen below and i had a hot chocolate - as per usual. we were accompanied by our friend amy, who likes to use the word potato regularly, not that that is important. we spent a while slouched in our area of the cafe where we talked and generally disturbed the rest of the cafe. we then popped down to boots where i got my third roll of film developed, which was exciting for me because i love finally being able to see what i've been cautiously snapping. After that we decided to head down to a beautiful, yet mildly underrated area of our small town to take some pictures for mine and amy's photography homework. we took quite a lot and once again we made too much noise and ran across grass labeled with 'keep off the grass' - quite rebellious, i must admit haha! Below are some of our pictures. after that we decided to walk back to amy's house to watch 'abduction' a film with taylor lautner (oh my) and lily collins (why must she be so beautiful?). on our way back we stopped at the huge park in our town and had a bit of a picnic for lunch, which was lovely considering the sun rarely shines in england, so we have to grab any opportunity that we can to go outside. 
that was pretty much a summary of our day, here are some pictures:

artistic, upside down?
vicky and amy

the kind of thing only we would do!

vicky's beautiful bag

we found this on the floor and found it fascinating

absolutely normal

Kimiya's Outfit: cardigan, French Connection - blouse, H&M - blue stone necklace - Accessorize - jeans - H&M - brown flats, New Look - bag, H&M

Vicky's Outfit: cardigan, Zara - top/blouse - Zara, Jeans- Sandro, Chelsea Boots -Australian Vintage shop 
Bag- Biscotte.

come on skinny love, just last the year...

If you are born with the name Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde it is not secret that you will probably have some sort of talent, and talent is exactly what 'Birdy' has. She is a fifteen year old singer who quite frankly sings like an angel. I, personally, cannot find a single fault in her voice and have been listening to her album of beautiful covers since I got it for christmas. But it's not only her voice that draws you in, it's her sense of style and appearance. She mixes effortless with vintage and sprinkles a little bit of contemporary and she never seems to get it wrong. With her tousled curls and fresh face, every look is complete.
Her voice is often accompanied by the piano (which she plays herself) and I promise you, you will be left hooked if you listen once, and you won't be left hooked because of a repetitive tune that replays itself over and over which is what most chart music consists of these days, you will be hooked because of the gentle way the song is composed and performed, it makes you realize that maybe instead of celebrating dubstep and autotuned voices, we should maybe start celebrating the voices that need no adjusting, which is exactly what Birdy has. (I do not mean to offend any dubstep listeners in anyway! )

Here's a video of Birdy covering the A-Team by Ed Sheeran on BBC Radio One's Live Lounge, she adds her own twist and my goodness, it's amazing:

Here are some pictures of Birdy accompanied by her tousled curls and brilliant outfit choices, enjoy!

at the seventeen magazine headquarters - why can't i be there!

as you can tell... i seem to have a bit of a girl/style crush on Birdy, and i'm not even going to deny it!
I hope you have a lovely day!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

my little mill in the snow.

every holiday is the same for me, an 11 hour car journey to the middle of France, where i visit my family. in the summer, the weather is too hot, so i spend my days by the lake but in the winter, everything is perfectly white, covering any holes in the ground. my house is a mill, surrounded by hundreds of acres , in the summer they are occupied by cows and horses but in winter everything is so peaceful. waking up and walking to my grandma's, making cakes and waffles, looking after my rabbit, then starting a fire when the heating doesn't work in the evening. i change, everything changes. i am definitely not the same person over there, i'm calmer, calories have no meaning, loneliness has no existence. on the other hand, everyone knows everything about you and your family, the closest clothes shop is about half an hour away, internet is unheard of and a meal shorter then 2 hours is rare.

my little house under the snow.
casual outside shower.
my two small homes, filled with so much laughter.
me walking on my frozen swimming pool (not your traditional kind).
me looking like a chipmunk, ready to ski.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

a day in Paris is a day like no other

on my way home from the snow, we felt it necessary for a quick stop in the the forever fashionable city called Paris. admiring the Eiffel tower and walking down Rue Saint-Honore, wishing to buy bags from Chanel and shoess form Louboutin i came across a lovely little boutique shop called favourite shop at the moment is without a doubt, Sandro but with dresses at £200, it isn't where i do my daily shopping but affordable is what attracted me to enter the perfectly designed Biscote shop, but quickly realising how identical they bags looked from the over-priced runway bags. hesitating for what seemed like a day, i went for the look-a-like Celine bag, with tassels to show the difference. ridiculously proud of my bag, the rest of the day involved eating macaroons at Laduree and wondering why my house didn't have a view on the beautiful city.
i'm not saying they are identical but this is as close as it gets for me to own anything similar to a Celine bag. 

 this season, orange/coral is now my obsession. 
this is the Biscote collection.

the view i had from my room on Paris. 

Biscote bag - £49

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

my name is kimiya... and i'm a bagaholic.

since i can remember i have been in love with bags. i remember my first 'proper' handbag... it was an atrocious shade of pink with a little pink poodle on it to match. i remember thinking i was the absolute coolest girl in the world as i strutted down the high street in it. of course, since then my style has drastically changed (thank god) and i solemnly swear you will never catch me with a pink handbag with any sort of animal on it ever again... unless mulberry goes for an animal inspired collection.. then i'll rethink it. at the age of just ten i had a bag collection large enough to run a small shop. of course, i had no use for them, i just liked them. even at my age now of 14 i still have a large bag collection, fortunately i got rid of the most hideous bags and replaced them for much simpler, yet still lovely ones.
yesterday, i went up to london with my mum and my sister to see the lion king (it was absolutely amazing) and we decided to go for a bit of a shopping trip and to go out to bella italia for lunch (if you haven't been... go, now) and of course i ended up leaving london with a new brown satchel type bag which i admittedly fell in love with because of it's style that was so strikingly similar to the mulberry alexa chung bag and also a bright coral red purse.
so, in honor of this beautiful bag buying (alliteration there) occasion, i've decided to do a 'what's in my bag' type post... and here it is:

Okay, so, inside my bag i have:
- my purse
- my purple ipod and my massive headphones
- vaseline lip balm
- a hair clasp
- one lonely bobby pin
- half a tube of polos
- a notebook (for my many lists)
- a pen, you never know when you may need one!
- company magazine
- gloves
- random leaflets that i picked up in london from lazy oaf?
- my film camera! it is so heavy.
- two rolls of film - i was about to get them developed
- the hunger games! this book is amazing! i finally finished it and i would DEFINITELY recommend it.

Bag - H&M - £14.99
Purse - Monki - £6

love from kimiya xx

Saturday, 11 February 2012

lazy saturdays and a sprinkle of snow...

So, half term is finally here and we are grasping it with open arms. With vicky on her way to france and another close friend already in the sunny canary islands. We felt that in order to celebrate the well deserved week off that we have, we should have a bit of a lazy day (kimiya, vicky and also mia). We made a plan to buy an unhealthy amount of food and sit down and watch 'one day' a film that vicky and i have been awaiting since we both read the absolutely beautiful book (vicky and i both read the book at the exact same time and would spend hours talking about every detail). we decided to rent it from itunes, but of course, knowing our luck, the sound didn't seem to work... we ended up watching only a bit of the movie and entertained ourselves with other things. we went on a walk in the freezing cold and  even managed to buy the new company magazine (a personal favourite of ours), zooey deschanel is in this issue, and she is beautiful! we also took lot's of embarrassing photo's. Nevertheless we had a lovely day!

kimiya with her beloved film camera.

mia's plait and her bordering on ginger hair.

an artistic shot of the trees by vicky ;)

oh hello bringmeamulberrybag!

we seem a bit squished.

from left to right (kimiya, vicky, mia)

one day, 14,000 things to be happy about, style by lauren conrad.

kimiya and mia sat on the window sill.

kimiya's proud framed collage.

kimiya's wintery outfit.

vicky's wintery outfit.

smiling at the ground?

kimiya's outfit - cardigan, forever 21 - turquoise stone necklace, accessorize - floral top, macy's dress cut and turned into a top - high waisted shorts, topshop - belt, republic - patterned tights, urban outfitters - shoes, white converse - earrings, home made.

vicky's outfit - top, zara - necklace, anthropologie - skirt, forever 21 - shoes (brown boots), clarks  - bag, Gerard Darel - tights & socks, M&S :)

Friday, 10 February 2012

wondering why i don't own a celine bag...

I would just like to admire CĂ©line bags and wonder why i don't own one. The detailed stitching, attaching each smooth leather piece together. The perfect mixture of black, brown and beige, perfectly finishing off an outfit, yet unfortunately not mine. I have for many years, wondered why there isn't a designer bag in my wardrobe, recently my obsession has switched from the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection to this Particular bag. Personally, i think this bag, will forever be an iconic item in fashion such as the Hermes Birkin Bag - which is also a must have, but that is on a complete different scale of wishes (and prices sadly), and in twenty years it will still be in fashion, because can it not be?

If only I owned this, life would be a better place.