Thursday, 9 February 2012

little cafes, cups of tea and good company.

a recent tradition of ours has become going to starbucks or other little cute cafes as often as possible. we've managed to secure ourselves a place in our local starbucks that we take over with our loud laughter and the occasional hot chocolate spill (we are hopelessly clumsy). everytime we get into the cafe, we place our orders, retrieve our drinks and make our way upstairs to our usual spot, occasionally we find the odd person in our sofa with their laptop and think better of staring at them awkwardly until they eventually leave. we make do with the dim lights and we still have a lovely time. i guess, what i'm trying to say, is that although the weather's cold (it's actually snowing outside as i speak) there's always things that can be done. we've recently found another little cute restaurant that sells adorable cupcakes and is stacked with cute pastel chairs with a cath kidston style arrangement. these are the places that make winter just a bit more bearable.

(image from

our own pictures from starbucks... elegant (oh dear).

oh flash, why must you be so ugly.

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