Saturday, 11 February 2012

lazy saturdays and a sprinkle of snow...

So, half term is finally here and we are grasping it with open arms. With vicky on her way to france and another close friend already in the sunny canary islands. We felt that in order to celebrate the well deserved week off that we have, we should have a bit of a lazy day (kimiya, vicky and also mia). We made a plan to buy an unhealthy amount of food and sit down and watch 'one day' a film that vicky and i have been awaiting since we both read the absolutely beautiful book (vicky and i both read the book at the exact same time and would spend hours talking about every detail). we decided to rent it from itunes, but of course, knowing our luck, the sound didn't seem to work... we ended up watching only a bit of the movie and entertained ourselves with other things. we went on a walk in the freezing cold and  even managed to buy the new company magazine (a personal favourite of ours), zooey deschanel is in this issue, and she is beautiful! we also took lot's of embarrassing photo's. Nevertheless we had a lovely day!

kimiya with her beloved film camera.

mia's plait and her bordering on ginger hair.

an artistic shot of the trees by vicky ;)

oh hello bringmeamulberrybag!

we seem a bit squished.

from left to right (kimiya, vicky, mia)

one day, 14,000 things to be happy about, style by lauren conrad.

kimiya and mia sat on the window sill.

kimiya's proud framed collage.

kimiya's wintery outfit.

vicky's wintery outfit.

smiling at the ground?

kimiya's outfit - cardigan, forever 21 - turquoise stone necklace, accessorize - floral top, macy's dress cut and turned into a top - high waisted shorts, topshop - belt, republic - patterned tights, urban outfitters - shoes, white converse - earrings, home made.

vicky's outfit - top, zara - necklace, anthropologie - skirt, forever 21 - shoes (brown boots), clarks  - bag, Gerard Darel - tights & socks, M&S :)

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