Tuesday, 21 February 2012

a day in Paris is a day like no other

on my way home from the snow, we felt it necessary for a quick stop in the the forever fashionable city called Paris. admiring the Eiffel tower and walking down Rue Saint-Honore, wishing to buy bags from Chanel and shoess form Louboutin i came across a lovely little boutique shop called Biscote.my favourite shop at the moment is without a doubt, Sandro but with dresses at £200, it isn't where i do my daily shopping but affordable is what attracted me to enter the perfectly designed Biscote shop, but quickly realising how identical they bags looked from the over-priced runway bags. hesitating for what seemed like a day, i went for the look-a-like Celine bag, with tassels to show the difference. ridiculously proud of my bag, the rest of the day involved eating macaroons at Laduree and wondering why my house didn't have a view on the beautiful city.
i'm not saying they are identical but this is as close as it gets for me to own anything similar to a Celine bag. 

 this season, orange/coral is now my obsession. 
this is the Biscote collection.

the view i had from my room on Paris. 

Biscote bag - £49

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  1. Lovely bag! I adore Celine bags, too bad about the price!