Sunday, 26 February 2012

come on skinny love, just last the year...

If you are born with the name Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde it is not secret that you will probably have some sort of talent, and talent is exactly what 'Birdy' has. She is a fifteen year old singer who quite frankly sings like an angel. I, personally, cannot find a single fault in her voice and have been listening to her album of beautiful covers since I got it for christmas. But it's not only her voice that draws you in, it's her sense of style and appearance. She mixes effortless with vintage and sprinkles a little bit of contemporary and she never seems to get it wrong. With her tousled curls and fresh face, every look is complete.
Her voice is often accompanied by the piano (which she plays herself) and I promise you, you will be left hooked if you listen once, and you won't be left hooked because of a repetitive tune that replays itself over and over which is what most chart music consists of these days, you will be hooked because of the gentle way the song is composed and performed, it makes you realize that maybe instead of celebrating dubstep and autotuned voices, we should maybe start celebrating the voices that need no adjusting, which is exactly what Birdy has. (I do not mean to offend any dubstep listeners in anyway! )

Here's a video of Birdy covering the A-Team by Ed Sheeran on BBC Radio One's Live Lounge, she adds her own twist and my goodness, it's amazing:

Here are some pictures of Birdy accompanied by her tousled curls and brilliant outfit choices, enjoy!

at the seventeen magazine headquarters - why can't i be there!

as you can tell... i seem to have a bit of a girl/style crush on Birdy, and i'm not even going to deny it!
I hope you have a lovely day!

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