Wednesday, 8 February 2012

hello, it's about time we introduced ourselves...

well hello there!

Our names are Vicky (left) and Kimiya (right) and this is our blog - also, don't be scared off by the photo, it was late at night and flash doesn't tend to do any favours, but the primrose bakery is looking lovely in the background!
We will be filling it with all sorts of things: music we like, outfits we wore, places we visited, places we'd like to visit, clothes we'd love to own, books we'd recommend and for vicky.. the breakfast that we eat.
We live in rainy England and like to visit London as often as we can... we've had many eventful outings and we plan for more to come.
This blog will be like a diary for us where we will share our trips, likes and dislikes with our possible viewers?
That was just an insight into what this blog will hopefully soon become!
Bye for now smelly cats x

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