Monday, 26 November 2012

Wooly Jumpers and Winter Wishlists

Hello! It's been an extremely long time since our last post here on the blog which is not good! However, all will soon be well as we are planning to get back into the blogging scene (yes, I called it the blogging scene) and posts will be far more regular! I thought I'd do a quick update...

As winter has finally dawned upon us (hallelujah) the season of tea sipping by the fire, fluffy slippers (which are a huge subject of conversation between Vicky and I), wooly jumpers and tights, christmas card writing and spending too much money has arrived along side it and I for one, could not be more excited!

I'm currently on the prowl for the perfect skater skirt to wear this winter because as practical as jeans may be, they are not always comfortable and can get quite boring which is a shame and I'm obsessed with these two from Olive Clothing .

I'm hoping to test out my self control on some online shops on the 1st of December because Vicky and I set ourselves a challenge called 'No Spend November' which oddly enough I managed to stick too, so I must wait until December to unleash myself on the shops. 

Last week, we went to a Lucy Rose gig in the most adorable place in our town, the inside was decorated with fairy lights which accompanied Lucy Roses voice perfectly. She was truly phenomenal and due to the venue being so small the gig was really intimate which was something I'd never seen before! If you're not familiar with Lucy Rose you should definitely search her up on youtube. I would personally recommend 'Night Bus' or 'Be alright' which, is still in my head and has been since last Tuesday! 
Vicky and I were fortunate enough to meet Lucy (yes, we are now on a first name basis) after her performance and we bought some of her tea (she sells her own tea and jam, how incredible!) which is true to it's word... amazing. It's the perfect combination of earl grey and english breakfast and as a tea fanatic, I approve!

Not the greatest quality, but there was a large head in the way, so that is my excuse!

Anyway, winter is here my dear friends, and I for one am determined to set aside the fact that I have many exams coming up (I wish I could genuinely do this) and make this winter an unforgettable winter (could I be more cliche?)

We have many plans for this winter, Lucy Rose can be ticked off the list, A trip to London to go Ice Skating at Somerset House and to drink tea is coming up, a christmas dinner with friends and an end of the world party, oh, and (too) many christmas shopping trips.

All I can hope for now is a sprinkle of snow to make this winter perfect. 

Goodbye for now!