Saturday, 24 March 2012

rainy london...

so, last saturday my mum and I (kimiya) decided it was about time we went shopping in order to spend all of our money on things that we will most likely regret buying later. we had an amazing time in london whilst it rained on us relentlessly, nevertheless the day went on! there are four things that I love the most about shopping:
1. the time spent getting ready in the morning tactfully putting on vests and tights just incase the moment when you find something you've been looking for.
2.  the exhaustion afterwards knowing that although your feet are in pain you have actually burnt a lot of calories whilst also enjoying yourself.
3. getting home and putting on a mini fashion show and then not having the heart to get changed out of your new things afterwards.
I felt like I was in heaven as I stepped into each shop and immediately found myself indulged in a sea of pastel coloured blouses and dresses - thank god spring is finally here!
this trip was a successful one for me, so I thought I'd make a quick post of some pictures I took. I decided to make a bit of a wild decision and actually bought something completely unexpected and out of my comfort zone, but I love it - it will most likely be featured sooner or later in our blog! - look out for it :) kimiya x

my camera amuses me...

 would anyone like to buy this for me?

little eggs all around london!

hunger games posters everywhere!

p.s. we saw the hunger games yesterday! i'm still excited about it, it was incredible! post coming soon!


  1. Your right the whole shopping experience is an exciting one and if I have a trip planned I'm excited all week about it :)
    Great pictures... I need to have a London Shop... haven't been for sooooo long !

  2. I love pictures like yours!!!!

  3. Even though the first photo is out of focus, its beautiful, it really caputures the feeling of rain in a city. I love it!! :)


  4. Oh, I want to go to London! It looks amazing!
    xx Jane

  5. I agree with the reasons you stated about shopping. especially the mini fashion show at home. I do that too. :)

    Would love for us to follow each other. following you now. Hope you can do the same. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl