Saturday, 21 April 2012

watching a little box with moving pictures..

many people have told me i watch "too much" tv, but how does one know if they watch "too much" tv? it's not like it can be measured, so i tend to ignore them, and carry on with my daily life, worried about fictional friendships and of course, your usual love triangle that is almost written in stone, always making an appearance in anything and everything. basically, i was just casually carrying on running through my thoughts, confused about who A is, and if Chuck and Blair will ever end up together ( i shall never discuss the possibility of Blair with Dan, its bollocks) constantly admiring the writers, and their some-what unexpected responses, i suddenly realised  how well they were dressed! every character has a certain image, reflecting their personality, and i was shocked! i was shocked, that i have never really taken the time to watch what they wear, i was shocked that i didn't know who these stylist were, who were creating perfect outfits (and sometimes dreadful ones). so it sent me on a mission, instead of admiring the actresses and their beautiful red-carpet looks as well as their on camera ones, i went searching for these wonderful stylist, and who they were, and where they found their inspiration (all of this instead of revising )


Gossip Girl - Lauren Scruggs (she did the majority of the episodes, not all of them)
both in Paris and New York, they never failed to look their best.

90210 - Katrina Mastrolia &Heather Slandinski ( they styled her both on set and is this magazine)
she is secretly my favourite 

is that alison? where is spencer?
Pretty Little Liars - Heather Hybbert
perfect colour combination
Sex and the City - Pat Field
now, this photo doesn't do it justice, but i simply wanted one not too outrageous and had all four of them in, but Carrie is the queen of designer, without a doubt. 


  1. 90210 and Gossip Girl have the BEST stylists ever, all the outfits are so good all the time!

  2. i think the only reason i still watch shows like gossip girl (because lets face it, we're not really watching it for the quality acting...) is because of the awesome style inspiration! they have some of the best stylists working for these shows, and they rarely get enough credit!

    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :)

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  3. i love the style in gossip girl! when I was in NY I came across the set which was pretty surreal. I think I saw the stylist but I'm not too sure.

    thanks for checking out my blog!
    xx char

  4. The styling in Gossip Girl and Sex And The City are THE BOMB! The shows would never be what they are now without these wonderful stylists.. They need to get more credit!

    Kisses! xxx

  5. nice post!!!

  6. I love the photos from Gossip Girl- the stylist has done an incredible job. Ah girlfriends shape us to be who we are :)x

  7. Oh girl! I finally found someone who has exactly the same problem I have! Watching Tv is like the best moment of my day!

  8. really good job, nice blog :) maybe we could follow each other?

  9. I always love to watch Gossip Girl for their clothes and accessories...and I cannot accept Blair and Dan as a couple, either ! I need Blair to be with Chuck !!!

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  10. I absolutely agree, that blair and dan should not be together, it's chuck all the way! and I really want to find out who A is too, I love the styling on pretty little liars, especially their make up it's gorgeous. I also get told I watch too much TV, but really what is too much?! ha, great blog, I'm following :) xx

  11. part of the fun of watching tv shows is their clothes, haha! i looove blair's clothes, and while i love her with dan, i have to admit that i know it's always gonna be chuck. ;) as for the pretty little liars, i love spencer's style the most! :)

    <3, Mimi