Sunday, 10 June 2012

a week in with the Vintage

I actually have something exciting to write about for a change! This past week, i was lucky enough to have a work-experience placement at Vintage Seekers. Now, if you are like me, and when someone says vintage you think charity shops, because that is all you can afford, you can imagine how excited i was to work alongside legendary names, including Chanel, Dior and so many more names that i so hope to one day make up my closet . My first day, being extremely nervous, i started to understand a bit more why Anne Hathaway panics so much in Devils Wears Prada, but lucky the people i met couldn't off been more different. i straight away fell in love with the ambiance of the white bricked wall office, the view on Covent Garden and just generally the niceness that filled the room. after my some what panicked and rushed first day, feeling too shy to ask a question but at the same time so confident that in 10 years i would be so happy in this exact place, my second day was a bit more relaxed and i was definitely oblivious to my age, feeling about 5 years older, catching my train, grabbing a Starbucks hot chocolate (i don't like coffee yet!) and simply in love with this feeling of independence. the day continued with a tour around an Arts Fair, and i use the word "fair" loosely, the cheapest item their was hardly under £100 and it went all the way into the millions, but there is no denying that there was definitely some beautiful treasures to be found, Vintage Cartier watches and Louis Vuitton cases, oh and a baby elephant skeleton, something i'm actually considering adding to my wishlist!  The week continued, never failing to interest me and question my future carer path, now considering even more and more that maybe i should dare the fashion industry! All in all, it was been quiet an exciting week, one not to forget and definitely one that has changed my view and confused me ( but i suppose that is a good thing to be confused now and not later) in my future choices (not that it was ever clear).
No surprise that Covent garden was looking festive, Britain is no stranger to being patriotic!

Being quiet the celebrity watcher i was so excited to see the dress worn by Michelle Williams in My Week With Marilyn.
I do wish i liked coffee!

Friday Afternoon, can't blame the office for being emptier then usual

Never thought i would get so good at running after a train!


  1. Hi, quite enjoyed reading your post, seemed like a great week; and wow a dress worn by Michelle Williams how exciting. You never know where life can take you. Kisses Carla.

    1. it was! omg, i'm a big fan of Marilyn Monroe, so i loved the film but also Vintage Seekers sell loads of collectables in association with Marilyn Monroe!!