Wednesday, 13 June 2012

expecting the unexpected is always more fun

a few months ago, I discovered the world of film photography (bit overdramatic) and I fell in love with it. I bought my first film slr camera (canon eos 650) from ebay and some film and quickly began taking pictures. admittedly, looking back on my first roll of film, it took me a while to learn the tricks of the trade but sooner or later I figured out how to change the settings to suit my environment and now, seven rolls of film onwards and seven trips to the camera shop onwards, I have been left with a lovely selection of photo's that I'm excited to look back on in a few years.
taking pictures on film is very different to the usual snap of a digital camera, first of all, you are left with a satisfying shutter sound each time - which is undeniably (aside from seeing the pictures afterwards), one of the greatest factors associated with using film cameras. another thing which is nerve wracking at times but always ends up for the best is the fact that you do not know what your picture will turn out like, I personally think that this is one of the greatest parts of film photography because you are purely attempting to take photo's of the things that you know you will not regret, it's the most exciting part of it because film photography is all about spontaneously taking a picture and waiting for the outcome - sometimes you'll be pleased and sometimes you won't but that's the best part, waiting to see how the pictures will turn out. as much as i love taking pictures though, the only problem is each roll  of film only allows 36 photos, which stresses me out a bit, because i can be rather ocd at times and also the developing stages are a bit painful for my purse but it's all balanced out by what is produced out of it!
admittedly, i'm not a photographer, so my pictures are definitely not at exhibition standards! however, i thought i'd share a few of them just to give anyone who is thinking of joining the world of film photography (which i'd definitely recommend)! - kimiya xx


obviously my ability to scan my pictures in straight is non existent, but let's try and put that aside!


  1. These are such beautiful photographs, film cameras always take such better photographs than digi's!

    1. thank you so much! they do, i must agree! xx

  2. I have a love for film cameras too! The first picture is wonderful

    1. ahhhh, we should be friends ;) thank you so much! xx

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  5. Such perfect pictures !
    Thank you for your comment !
    Hope to see you very very soon !
    Eva ♥